Nearby Attractions

Salakphet Fisherman Village 43 Km. (1 Hr.)

     Salakphet Fisherman Village This fishing village is still active but also lives from tourism. Bang Bao is probably one of the most peaceful places in Koh Chang. The pier and the streets before it with these clothes and souvenir

Mangrove Forest 39 Km. (55 Min)

     Mangrove Forest: located on the east side of Ko Chang, is an ecotourism attraction where tourists can explore and study via a nature trail that comprises many peculiar shapes of trees and a green shady atmosphere of trees contrasting the long stretching red wooden bridge that make a path for visitors through the forest to the seashore.

Ban Salak Khok 38 Km. (52 Min)

     Ban Salak Khok: is probably the best bet, with its large surface area, covered in naturally thriving mangrove forests accounting for the ultimate environment for the full Monty when it comes to a tourism experience never to be forgotten.

Than Mayom Waterfall 29 Km. (43 Min)

     Than Mayom Waterfall is the most famous waterfall in Koh Chang. It is located near the Than Mayom Pier with its entrance just behind the Koh Chang Marine National Park office on the east of the island. An approximately 400 metres walk along a paved concrete route, passing through a fruit orchard will lead you to the waterfall. Than Mayom is a 4 lever medium-sized waterfall set in fertile virgin rainforest that flows all the year round forming a large pool at its front. The first level has a large pool at the front of the waterfall where swimming is allowed. The first levels of the waterfall have the initials of two previous Kings of Thailand, Rama V and VI, engraved into the rock.

Elephent Trekking (Baan Kwan Chang) 18 Km. (30 Min)

     Elephent Trekking (Baan Kwan Chang):was established to give threatened elephants from mainland Thailand a sanctuary, as many working elephants were being displaced by loss of their natural habitat and loss of their employment as working elephants. The camp is supported by the Asian Elephant Foundation who endeavour to maintain the Asian elephant population which has dwindled alarmingly in mainland Thailand in recent years.

White Sand Beach 11 Km. (18 Min)

     White Sand Beach: is the first beach that you reach after heading through Klong Son and over the steep hill. As you start to head down the hillside you’ll see the viewpoint with picture postcard panorama along the length of the beach and south towards the small islands that lie off the west coast of Koh Chang. It all looks very serene from up here.

Klong Prao Beach 05 Km. (9 Min)

     Klong Prao Beach: Being the largest beach on Koh Chang, Klong Prao beach is ideal for all sorts of activities including canoeing and kayaking to the adjacent islands of Koh Yuak and Koh Pli where great snorkeling can be enjoyed.

Kai Bae View Point 1.2 Km. (3 Miin)

     Kai Bae View Point: is a beautiful view point on the Westside of Koh Chang. You can see four islands from the view point. You can see Koh Yuak, Koh Man Noi, Koh Pli and Koh Man Nok.

Lonely Beach 03 Km. (7 Min)

     Lonely Beach is similar to other beaches on Koh Chang as it tends to be on the rocky side on the southern end. The best place to swim and get involved in a variety of beach activities lies in the northern part of this area. Though not as ‘lonely’ as it once used to be, Lonely Beach nowadays still offers a cheap and peaceful retreat perfect for those who are on a tight budget and wanting to avoid the mainstream crowd.

Klongplu waterfall 4.7 Km. (10Min)

     Klongplu waterfall: on the west coast of Koh Chang is a popular spot to spend a morning or afternoon.there is an obvious path that follows the river. This has both ropes and appropriate steps, so can be managed by all and it takes about 15 minutes to walk the 600 metres to the huge plunge pool and the falls themselves, with the water cascading down and the drop towering above.The pool has small cliffs and rocks on its edges from where you can dive. The whole area does get busy with tour groups, Thai and Chinese, so the best time to visit is in the morning before they arrive.

Bang Bao Village 8.6 Km. (20 Min)

     Here you will see a pier, a handful of fishing boats but the vast majority of fishermen are now running tour boat businesses, working for dive schools or lazing around while other family members sell trips, tours and souvenir junk to tourists.

Klong Kloi Beach 9.4 Km. (22 Min)

     Klong Kloi Beach:The beach has the best views of any on the island as it faces south towards Koh Klum, Koh Wai, Koh Mak and on a clear day, Koh Kood. There’s always some marine activity with boats coming and going from Bangbao pier. It has remained quiet as the pick up truck taxi drivers are too lazy to drive down there, meaning you either need your own transport to get there or have to plan on walking from Bangbao village. ( Unless you stay at the Sea huts in Bangbao who provide a free boat service to the beach.)